Engagement Automation

Elarian allows you to initiate customer requests and handle customer notifications through service providers like Africa's Talking, Twilio, and Stripe. In line with the customer being the unit of abstraction, all data generated is stored in the customer's perspective, making it easy for your application to build a better profile of the customer's behavior.


Elarian accepts a sendMessage command, where you specify the customerNumber, channelNumber, and the message to send. Elarian supports messaging across various channels.


Elarian provides a rich feature set for managing payments. First, we provide functionality for organizing money in wallets. Second is the functionality to send and receive payments through different payment providers (Mobile Money, Banks, Card Processors, etc.).

Customer Activity

Elarian allows you to track customer activity data from various sources such as mobile or web applications. Customer activity data helps you build a richer profile of your customer's behavior. To make intelligent engagement decisions, you can correlate activity data to your customer's messaging and payment data.

A simple e-commerce example might be tracking a customer's abandonment of their shopping cart and sending them a reminder on SMS or WhatsApp to buy the products before stock runs out.