Elarian Object

The following commands can be issued on the elarian client

  • connect()

    Connect the elarian client

  • disconnect()

    Disconnect the elarian client

  • on(...)

    Register an event handler

  • generateAuthToken()

    Generate an auth token to be used on frontend clients e.g. browser, mobile app

  • addCustomerReminderByTag(...)

    Add a reminder on tagged customers

  • cancelCustomerReminderByTag(...)

    Cancel a reminder on tagged customers

  • sendMessageByTag(...)

    Send a message to tagged customers

  • initiatePayment(...)

    Initiate a payment interaction with a customer

  • replayMessagingConsentUpdate(...)

    Replay a messaging consent update event

  • replayReceivedMessage(...)

    Replay a received message event

  • replaySentMessage(...)

    Replay a sent message event

  • replayMessageStatusUpdate(...)

    Replay a message status update event

  • replayMessageReactionUpdate(...)

    Replay a message reaction update event

  • replayMessagingSession(...)

    Replay a messaging session event

  • replayPayment(...)

    Replay a payment event

  • replayPaymentStatusUpdate(...)

    Replay a payment status event

Customer Object

The following actions can be performed on a customer object

  • getState()

    Fetch customer's state

  • adoptState(...)

    Merge two customer's state into one i.e. merging two customers into one

  • sendMessage(...)

    Send customer a message

  • replyToMessage(...)

    Reply to a message received from the customer

  • updateActivity(...)

    Update a customer's activity

  • updateMessagingConsent(...)

    Update customer's messaging consent action i.e. allow or block messaging to this customer

  • leaseAppData()

    Fetch and lock connected app's data from customer's cache

  • updateAppData(...)

    Set or update connected app's data from customer's cache

  • deleteAppData()

    Remove connected app's data from customer's cache

  • getMetadata()

    Fetch a customer's metadata

  • updateMetadata(...)

    Set or update a customer's metadata

  • deleteMetadata(...)

    Delete a customer's metadata

  • updateSecondaryIds(...)

    Set or update a customer's secondary ids

  • deleteSecondaryIds(...)

    Delete a customer's secondary id

  • getTags()

    Fetch a customer's tags

  • updateTags(...)

    Update a customer's tags

  • deleteTags(...)

    Delete a customer's tags

  • addReminder(...)

    Add a reminder to a customer

  • cancelReminder(...)

    Cancel a reminder set on the customer

Full Reference

For more info, please refer to the SDKs' full reference: JavaScript Java Python